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Ecclesiastical Facilities


  • Addition:  Resurrection Lutheran Church, Bloomington, IL

  • Structural Consulting:  Apostolic Christian Church, Gridley, IL

  • Addition:  Roanoke Mennonite Church, Roanoke, IL

  • Addition Planning:  College Avenue Baptist Church, Normal, IL

  • Addition:  North Danvers Mennonite Church, Danvers, IL

  • Addition:  St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Normal, IL

  • Fellowship Hall/Gymnasium Addition:  St. Stephen's Parish, Streator, IL

  • Original Buildingand First Addition:  Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Normal, IL

  • HVAC Modification:  Church of Christ, Bloomington, IL

  •  Addition:  First Evangelical United Brethren Church, Bloomington, IL

  •  Addition:  Apostolic Christian Church, Fairbury, IL

  •  Addition:  Presbyterian Church, Gibson City, IL

  •  Addition:  St. John's Lutheran Church, Washburn, IL

  •  New Building:  American Lutheran Church, Gibson City, IL

  •  Addition:  Presbyterian Church, LeRoy, IL

  •  Renovation/Addition:  St. Mary’s Church, Downs, IL

  •  Addition:  Calvary Baptist Church, Normal, IL

  •  Addition:  Holy Trinity Elementary School, Bloomington, IL

  •  Historic Restoration:  Colony Church, Bishop Hill, IL

  •  Addition:  Congerville Mennonite Church, Congerville, IL

  • Addition/Renovation:  St. Clare Parish, Bloomington, IL

  • Addition:  St. Steven's Parish, Streator, IL


Educational Facilities



Middleton Associates Incorporated has worked on over 700 Educational projects throughout the State of Illinois for many districts including, but not limited to, the following types of work: 

  • Life Safety Surveys and Implementation

  • Building Renovations

  • Energy Conservation Studies and Implementation

  • Re-roof Projects (over 5,200,000 sq. ft.)

  • Boiler Replacements and Temperature Control Renovations

Virden CUSD #4, Virden, IL

  • Old School Demolition

  • Virden High School Energy Conservation Study

  • Virden High School Boiler Replacement

  • Virden High School Re-roof and Rehabilitation

Robinson CUSD #2, Robinson, IL

  • Extensive Life Safety Renovation Work

  • Re-roof ‑ Three Buildings

  • Door and Window Replacement

  • Planning for New High School

  • Temporary Building Planning ‑ Lincoln School

Olympia Community Unit School District #16, Stanford, IL

  • Remodeling and New Kitchen:  Danvers Elementary School

  • Addition:  Olympia Middle School

  • Addition:  Minier‑Armington Elementary School

  • Site Improvements:  Olympia High School

  • Track and Field Improvements and Drainage Work:  Olympia High School Repaving

  • 600 space parking lot:  Olympia High/Middle School

  • Geo-Thermal at High School

McLean County Unit District #5, Normal, IL

  • ADA Surveys:  All Buildings

  • Rehabilitation:  Brigham Elementary, Original Building

  • Rehabilitation:  Normal Community High School, Original Building

  • Planning Study:  Normal Community High School

  • Rehabilitation:  Normal Community High School

  • Rehabilitation:  Brigham Elementary, Original Building

  • New Building:  Fairview Elementary School

  • Addition:  Fairview Elementary School to Quad K‑6

  • Second Addition:  Fairview Elementary School

  • Third Addition:  Normal Community High School, Core Facility & Gymnasium

  • Drainage and Paving:  Normal Community High School

  • New Building:  Chiddix Junior High School

  • New Building:  Colene Hoose Elementary School

  • First Addition:  Colene Hoose Elementary School

  • Second Addition:  Colene Hoose Elementary School to Quad K‑6

  • Addition:  Carlock Elementary School, Gymnasium and Classrooms

  • Addition:  Glenn Elementary School

  • Addition:  Oakdale Elementary School to Quad K‑6

  • Addition:  Hudson Elementary School

  • Addition:  Towanda Elementary School

  • New Building:  Sugar Creek Elementary School

  • New Building:  Parkside Elementary School

  • Life Safety Surveys and Implementation throughout District

  • Addition: Chiddix Junior High School

  • Addition: Normal Community High School

  • Addition: Parkside Junior High School

Macomb CUSD #185, Macomb, IL

  • Re-roof ‑ Three Buildings

  • New Electric Service ‑ Two Buildings

  • Science Laboratory Planning

  • Remodeling at Macomb High School

  • Planning Additions and Remodeling for Edison School

  • Additions for Lincoln School

  • Temporary Building Foundations ‑ Edison School

  • Geo-Thermal at Edison School

Mendota CUSD #289, Mendota, IL

  • Life Safety Inspection/Renovation ‑ Three Buildings

  • Referendum Planning for Elementary Addition

  • Mendota Blackstone Elementary School Addition

  • Lincoln School Kitchen and office Renovation

Argenta‑Oreana School District #, Argenta, IL

  • Re-roof Elementary/Middle School Building

Henry‑Senachwine CUSD #5, Henry, IL

  • Life Safety Survey

  • Life Safety Survey Implementation

  • Junior High School Locker Room Renovation

Hall High School District #502, Spring Valley, IL

  • Extensive Life Safety Work

Illinois State University, Normal, IL

  • New Building:  Turner Hall

  • New Building:  Stevenson Hall

  • New Building:  Center for the Visual Arts

  • New Building:  Ropp Agricultural Laboratory Building

  • New Building:  Harris Physical Plant

  • New Building:  Greene Food Center, Central Receiving and Central Bakery

  • New Building:  ORL Laundry

  • Site Development: Quad (Central Campus Pedestrian Arteries)

  • Addition:  Ropp Agricultural Laboratory, Greenhouse

  • Addition:  Garden Room, Manchester Residence Hall

  • Addition:  Community Room, Shelbourne Student Housing

  • Remodel:  Feeney Food Center Kitchen (Hamilton‑Whitten/Atkin‑Colby)

  • Remodel:  Central Heating Plant

  • Remodel:  Cardinal Court Student Housing

  • Remodel:  Shelbourne Student Housing, Window Replacement, Re-roof, Siding

  • Remodel:  Residence Hall Kitchen Waste Conversion Renovation

  • Remodel:  Shawnee Conference Room

  • Re-roof:  Turner Hall

  • Partial Re-roof: Redbird Arena

  • Re-roof:  Horton Fieldhouse

  • Tech-Zone Relocation (as of June, 2006, construction has begun)

  • Milner Library - Under Plaza Walkway Improvements

Fieldcrest / Minonk‑Dana‑Rutland CUSD #108, Minonk, IL

  • High School, Grade School Studies

  • Planning:  Middle School and New Athletic Facilities

  • Addition:  High School Gymnasium and Music Room

  • Remodeling:  New District Office

  • Addition:  Minonk Elementary School

  • High School Site Work

  • Miscellaneous Re-roof Projects

  • Miscellaneous Tuck Pointing Projects

  • Life Safety Surveys and Implementation

  • High School Boiler Replacement

  • Elementary School Boiler Replacement

  • Elementary School Paved Playground

  • Addition – Fieldcrest West

  • Addition – Fieldcrest South

Eureka CUSD #140, Eureka, IL

  • Addition:  Davenport Elementary School

  • New Building:  Eureka Middle School and Site Development

  • Renovation:  High School Track

  • Miscellaneous Life Safety Surveys and Implementation

Woodstock CUSD #200, Woodstock, IL

  • New Building:  Woodstock Junior High School

Low Point‑Washburn CUSD #21, Washburn, IL

  • Addition:  Washburn Junior High School

Tonica CCSD #79, Tonica, IL

  • Renovation:  Extensive Remodeling of Facilities


Financial Facilities


  • Eureka Federal Credit Union ‑ Normal, IL

  • Peoples Bank Drive‑Thru Addition ‑ Normal, IL

  • Peoples Bank East Side ‑ Normal, IL

  • Peoples Bank ‑ Normal, IL

  • Peoples Bank First Addition, Normal, IL

  • Citizens Savings and Loan ‑ Normal, IL

  • Citizens Savings and Loan Addition ‑ Normal, IL

  • Citizens Savings and Loan ‑ El Paso, IL Branch

  • Citizens Savings and Loan ‑ Eureka, IL Branch

  • Citizens Savings and Loan, Rear Entrance Remodel ‑ Normal, IL

  • Oakwood Bank ‑ Oakwood, IL

  • Galesburg Credit Union – Galesburg, IL


Handicap Accessibility – ADA Inspections



McLean County Unit District #5, Normal, IL

  • ADA Inspections and report

  • Chiddix Junior High School

  • Parkside Junior High School

  • Fairview Elementary School

  • Sugar Creek Elementary School

  • Colene Hoose Elementary School

  • Glenn Elementary School

  • Oakdale Elementary School

  • Towanda Elementary School

  • Brigham Elementary School

  • North Point Elementary School

  • Parkside Elementary School

  • Hudson Elementary School

Capital Development Board

  • Kickapoo State Park

  • Moraine View State Recreation Area

  • Clinton Lake State Recreation Area

  • Weldon Springs State Recreation Area

  • Iroquois County State Recreation Area

  • Walnut Point State Fish & Wildlife Area

  • Middle Fork State Fish & Wildlife Area

  • David Davis Mansion State Historic Site – Installation of lift, ramp, and accessible public restrooms.

Middleton Associates Incorporated has completed many projects which address handicap accessibility issues including ramps, elevators, lifts and other accessible elements that are a natural part of any project, as required by various state and federal legislation.


Industrial Facilities


  • Warehouse Addition, B & J Sales, Bloomington, IL

  • Production & Warehouse Addition, Bloomington Offset Printing

  • Production & Warehouse Addition, Illinois Graphics

  • Production & Warehouse Addition, Mechanical Devices Company, Bloomington, IL

  • Diamond Star, Construction Office

  • Eureka Company

  • Normal Plant Addition

  • Miscellaneous Structural and Remodel Work, Bell Street Plant

  • Bloomington Consulting for El Paso, Texas

  • Union Camp Corporation

  • Normal Plant Loading Dock Renovation

  • Normal Plant Equipment Installation & Foundation

  • Normal Plant Re-roof

  • Normal Plant Warehouse Additions

  • Sumpter, SC Plant ‑ Limited Consulting

  • Normal Plant Gaitronics System

  • Normal, IL Public Works Garage

  • GTE  Marion Tops ‑ Addition

  • GTE  GSC Warehouse Addition, Bloomington, IL

  • GTE  Normal Addition

  • GTE  Hennepin ‑ New Building

  • GTE  Highland Addition

  • GTE  Kewanee ‑ New Building

  • GTE  Roscoe Addition

  • GTE  Mahomet ‑ New Building

  • GTE  Mossville ‑ New Building

  • GTE  Over 80 Small Additions, Remodels and Structural Consulting

  • GTE  Sandwich ‑ New Building

  • GTE  Mt. Olive ‑ New Building

  • GTE  Lincoln ‑ GSC Warehouse Addition

  • GTE  Microwave ‑ Standard Building Design

  • GTE  Wonder Lake ‑ Addition

  • GTE  London Mills ‑ New Building


Office Facilities


  • Van Gundy Agency ‑ Normal, IL

  • Country Companies East Annex ‑ Bloomington, IL

  • Country Companies Annex Remodel ‑ Bloomington, IL

  • Bliss McKnight Office Building ‑ Bloomington, IL

  • Normal Township Building ‑ Normal, IL

  •  Telecourier Tower Center ‑ Bloomington, IL

  • Connoisseur Media Remodel – Tower Center – Bloomington, IL

  • Union Insurance Group Exterior Renovation ‑ Bloomington, IL

  • Union Insurance Office Expansion and Remodel ‑ Bloomington, IL

  • Citizen Savings and Loan Office Building ‑ Normal, IL

  • Central Illinois Psychiatric – Normal, IL

  • afni  - New building/remodel/consulting - Bloomington, IL

  • Nayak Allergy Clinic – Normal, IL

  • Central Illinois Psychiatry Clinic – Normal, IL


Renovation and Restoration



David Davis Mansion State Historic Site, Bloomington, IL

  • Phase 1:  Historic structures report:  Documentation, structural survey,  materials survey, historic documentation of all elements of the facility.

  • Phase 2:  Complete exterior restoration of Carriage Barn, Barn Stable, Wood House, Foaling Shed and Mansion to 1870‑1880 period.

  • Phase 3:  Complete interior restoration of mansion including all finishes, structural modifications, climate control, handicap accessibility (as appropriate to a historic site), heating and cooling, electrical work, and security and fire detection work.

Woodford County Courthouse, Eureka, IL

  • Complete renovation and structural rework of three level bell tower and dome, including total replacement of supporting structural elements, restoration and new copper flashings.

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse State Historic Site, Mt. Pulaski, IL

  • Historic structures report and selected restoration of exterior and interior elements.

Union Insurance Building, Bloomington, IL

  • Renovation of two buildings into new use as office building.

  • Renovation of south and west facades providing new appearance and new accessible employee entrance.

Vandalia Statehouse State Historic Site - Vandalia, IL

  • Renovation of Cupola

  • Basement Remodeling and HVAC Renovations

  • Roof, exterior, and site restoration

Colony Church - Bishop Hill State Historic Site

  • Historic structures report

  • Selective Restoration (planning stage)

Livingston County Courthouse - Pontiac, IL

  • Complete exterior restoration

University of Illinois – Urbana, IL

  • Replacement of gutters and downspouts at the Main Library, Kinley and Altgeld Halls

Woodford County Courthouse

  • Bell Tower and Dome Restoration









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